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People shopping a vendor at a past Festival.

2024 I ♥ 66 Fest
Vendor Registration
is now open!

I ♥ 66 Fest is a 2-day event - October 11 & 12, 2024.

Artists & craftsmen vendors, commercial vendors selling Route 66 specialty product, and food vendors are welcome at the 66 Fest. The Festival committee will not be accepting informational, non-profit, or off-site service vendors. All vendors must sell a product or on-site service such as face painting, henna or glitter tattoos, balloon twisting, caricature art, etc. These on-site services should select Arts &Crafts as the vendor type.

Sign up now for the Early Bird Rate of $100 for a single space, $200 for a double space, and $250 for a Food Truck. On August 30, rates will increase by $50. Complete the form below and pay online, or download the printable request form here, complete the form, submit it in person at the Kingman Office of Tourism (120 W Andy Devine Ave), and pay with card, cash, or by check.

How many spaces? (early bird rates until Aug 30)
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Please read the Vendor Policy & Procedures below, terms are subject to change. Acceptance: Vendors will receive an email within two weeks notifying them their application status. No more than two vendors accepted per product type. Refund schedules outlined under Cancellations & Refunds. Licensing, Permitting & Insurance: Vendors are required to have all necessary permits, licensing, and insurance. Vendors must have, or obtain, an Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax number prior to the Festival. Transaction Privilege Tax Applications are available for special event vendors through the Arizona Department of Revenue at for $12. Vendors must obtain a Special Event Vendor Permit from the City of Kingman, an $11 fee applies to vendors without a current City business license. City Vendor Permits must be conspicuously posted at your space. Food vendors are subject to State of Arizona and Mohave County Health codes requirements. Food vendors will need a permit issued by Mohave County Health Department. If you don’t have one, you can apply for a Temporary Food Service Application. For more information call the Kingman office at 928.757.0901. Set up will be Friday, October 11 from 8am to 2pm at Lewis Kingman Park. Vendors may restock 9pm-10pm Friday and 8am-10am Saturday. Each vendor space will be pre-assigned by the Festival Vendor Coordinator. If your request is approved, a map of the area with your designated arrival time will be sent with the vendor welcome packet several days prior to the Festival. Vendors will not be permitted to exceed designated marked space or more than 10 feet from front to back. A festival volunteer will direct you to your space on Friday. Early setup for vendors with vehicles or trailers may be required. Adjacent vendors will not be expected to move for late comers. Any signs or banners must be professionally constructed, no hand-written material will be allowed. E-Z up and Caravan type canopies are allowed and must be secured with sandbags, weight kits, stakes, or screws. Tear Down: Vendors may return with a vehicle after the event ends at 9pm on Saturday, October 12 to dismantle their space. Each vendor space must be completely clear of trash, merchandise, tables, and canopies prior to 11pm. Hours: Vendors must remain on site and open from 2pm to 9pm on Friday, and from 10am to 9pm on Saturday. Booth Sharing is not allowed. All vendors need to purchase their own booth spaces and obtain their own business licenses. Vendors sharing booths will be instructed to leave the Festival. Parking: No parking is provided in the Festival area; each vendor will be allowed only one vehicle in the vending area to unload supplies during set up (assigned set up times will be outlined in your vendor acceptance packet). All vehicles must be located off site no later than 2pm on Friday. No vendors are allowed to spend the night on the premises. Power: Battery powered lighting is recommended. The use of quiet generators are permitted if operated at 60 decibels or less and located behind vendor (not to the left or right of vendor). A limited quantity of 120V outlets will be available FOR FOOD VENDORS ONLY at a first-come first-served bases and must be paid for prior to the Festival. IF REQUESTING TO PURCHASE POWER, VENDOR POWER NEEDS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED. Extension cords should be 12/3 and at least 50 feet long (preferably 10/3 and 100 feet). A single receptacle will be provided to vendors who purchase power. Vendors will be responsible for supplying any required NEMA 5L-20 adapters to plug into power source. Water, Grease, Gray Water and Trash Disposal: There is ABSOLUTELY NO ACCESS TO WATER. Bring your own water. Vendors are responsible for disposal of their own grease, gray water, and trash. Each vendor must remove these items at the end of the event. Under no circumstances will grease, gray water, or trash be allowed to be poured down city drain or onto city grass, sidewalks or streets. Any violation of this policy will result in ejection from the event and possible criminal prosecution. Each vendor is responsible for keeping their area neat and clean and free of loose trash. Each vendor is responsible for collecting and bagging trash from within their space. Trash receptacles will be provided in the event area for vendor use. Security: All vendors must occupy their space from 2pm to 9pm on Friday, and between 10am and 9pm on Saturday. OVERNIGHT SECURITY IS PROVIDED BY THE FESTIVAL FROM 10PM ON FRIDAY TO 9AM ON SATURDAY. However, leaving merchandise onsite overnight is not recommended. Neither the Festival Committee nor the City of Kingman are responsible for loss or damage to Vendor personnel, property, or merchandise. Hold Harmless: By submitting this vendor request form, vendor agrees and understands that the vendor has the sole responsibility at all times to be knowledgeable about, fully understand, and to meet or exceed all local, state and federal codes, laws, policies, and regulations associated with the vendor’s business/product including but not limited to the provisions of the City of Kingman Municipal Code and other city documents, permits, requirements and/or correspondence. Vendor assumes all responsibility and liability for losses, damages, and claims resulting from any injury to persons, including, but not limited to, injuries to customers or agents of vendor, or damages to vendor’s display, equipment, or other property brought onto the premises. Vendor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City of Kingman, its respective agents, servants and employees from any and all such losses, damages, cause of actions, suits or claims arising out of the vendor’s negligence. Cancellations & Refunds: A notice of cancellation must be received by email or in writing no later than Aug 30, 2023 for a refund of all but $50 of vendor fees paid. Cancellations received after Aug 30 will not be eligible for a refund. Request Forms for eligible vendors (i.e. Food, Arts/Crafts, Route 66 Commercial Products) that are denied will be reimbursed in full. Ineligible Vendors will be reimbursed all but $50 of vendor fees paid. This is a rain or shine outdoor event and as such may be vulnerable to weather. Vendors understand that fees are not refundable if the Festival ends early due to inclement weather, interruptions in the festival schedule, dangerous conditions, acts/threats of terrorism, acts of god, natural disaster or war. If the Festival is canceled in its entirety, all vendor fees will be refunded. The Festival Committee reserves the right to have removed from the event, any person, persons or business dispensing food or merchandise that is not of high quality. Anyone who is violating any law or festival regulation, or who is conducting himself/themselves in a manner which would be detrimental to the spirit of the festival, will be asked to leave without a refund.

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